Saturday, 7 June 2014

Plastic Soldier Company 15mm late war British infantry

Hello people ,
I hope you are all well, today I wanted to show some 15mm late war British infantry I am painting up to play I ain't been shot mum . I know they are not based yet but I'm still pondering what base to use .  I have placed them on a battlefront medium base but I thought I would like to show them on a urban base with rubble and low walls etc, and there just isn't room so it might be a case of using the large base would this look out of place ? I'm not sure . And as I have another twenty almost finished that's only around another one hundred or so to go.
   This last purchase came about after a visit to Stafford Games I went in for a platoon of mid war British for Italy and came out with a box of plastic late war British, a section of Bren gun carriers and a Churchill Crocodile plus some other bits and bobs (but no large bases !) . I would have shown the carriers but they need transfers of which I will send off today .
I plan to use them as the 59th Staffordshire division more of this in a later post but they can be used for any other late war units in the ETO.
This was my first visit to Stafford Games I usually buy from them on line of which I get very good service most of all they keep you informed on your order and that's mostly all you need . Too many company's take your money and leave you guessing for weeks what's happening . I give company's one chance and then vote with my feet .
   They have a small shop at the front with a demo table and a large gaming area at the back as it's in a industrial unit there were many tables set up and everyone was very friendly as yet I don't post links on the blog but look them up and give them a go, I strongly believe in saying something when we get rotten service but let's big people up when they get it right !
And onto the little fellas I have just painted............
Flesh- shadows flesh/Medium flesh/very thin down Scarlet/last hi lite sunny flesh to a few prominent areas.
Battle dress- US Olive drab/English uniform/Khaki grey/Khaki .
Webbing- Violet brown/Russian uniform/Green grey/Stone grey this hi lite use sparingly.
Helmet-Black/dry brush Russian uniform/the hessian scrim on the helmet I use Luftwaffe green it should be darker but I like it to stand out a bit.
Rifle-German cammo/orange brown/metal bits London grey sometimes a bit of Sky grey not overall authentic but at 15mm it needs to show up.
Bren gun-Black/German black grey/London grey/the end of the barrel sky grey/the wood as already discussed.
Boots-black/German black grey/officers boots Red brown with a sepia wash.
Division and Regiment titles Black base Red on top I didn't go as far as put any white dots for lettering (my eyes can only take so much).
Gloss varnish/Matt varnish.
I would always recommend keeping your paint thin maybe a touch thicker on the base and second coat on the webbing as in this scale it may bleed into your battle dress.
I hope this might have been helpfull .
And one more paragraph, with a bit of a review on the Plastic Soldier Company's 15mm late war British infantry. There are some very good poses with very little flash to cut off. I'm not sold on some of the webbing on different sculpts but it doesn't detract from the figures when painted I got around 140 figures for I think £17 or £18 that's a company ready to game and you don't have to go to town painting them if you don't want to . Would I buy them again and recommend them most definitely a big Furphy 8 out of 10, I would now love to see some Commandos.
Well that's your lot if you have an attention span like mine your already thinking what's for tea, thanks for stopping by and see you again soon.
Regards Furphy.