Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Chaos Space Marines

Hello all,
 another one of those posts that keeps your painting morale up, you can put your brushes down for a minute and say to yourselves yes I'm not the worst painter on the planet there is someone worse than me and he goes by the name of Furphy .
Well today's post covers a couple of Games Workshop Chaos Space Marines its been a change to paint these . I have to say I more or less followed the box art but I used non metallic metal for the gold . They are supposed to represent the Crimson Slaughter  chapter I hope I got it right as I had none of the books as reference points.
  I painted these with a glazing method using very thinned down paint and a medium instead of water. After the base coat I also put a black wash into the recesses , they have had a couple of coats of matt varnish I decided against a gloss varnish because of the likelihood of missing some and then overcompensating with the matt (if that makes any sense) . The base were made of green stuff and made to have an urban feel to them .
 When I have done all ten they will be up for sale if any ones interested and if not well that's another unit for my wife to look at and say" well what are you going to do with those then !"
And now onto the thorny subject of completed projects well as of yet I have none yes that's right not one , my 15mm Italian campaign stands at one platoon my 28mm AWI one infantry regiment and one almost finished  my 28mm New Zealand war skirmish hasn't got enough figures completed to anything with and I have still to order some Maori's and sappers and believe it or not Ive even bought some 28mm Koreans because I liked the shields !
And I have some dreams of doing some 54mm and 75mm miniatures, going back to my 15mm I seem to have run into a roadblock concerning buildings there's lots for North West Europe but none for the south except a couple of battle front prepainted I had even thought to try making some resin buildings myself but you've seen some of my bases and I'm not sure I could sculpt a house but as they say watch this space.
  Anyway ive bored you long enough I hope you are all well and enjoying our hobby you can go back to your miniatures now .
Regards Furphy.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Warhammer 40k Chaos Cultists

Hello folks,
Furphy's back again with some more painted minis (note I didn't say well painted) I enjoyed painting these I went for more subtle tones they have been bleached a bit in the varnish but you either like them matt or not . I did try a satin varnish on one figure but didn't like the look so I went with the usual gloss then matt and as always I use Galleria (always work for me).
  I'm trying out non metallic metals more of that on some chaos space marines for a future post but did a few bits on these . The bases were made of green stuff with a PVA and sand wash  I wanted to have a barren feel on some far off blasted planet.
Sorry if its a bit picture heavy and the usual picture quality but I am getting a new airbrush and compressor so a better quality camera will have to wait .Well back to the brushes, until next time .
Regards Furphy.