Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Perry miniatures 28mm Ashigaru test piece

Hi all,
I'm back with another short post to brighten up your day or not as the case maybe ! I have just the one miniature to show today its a 28mm Perry Miniature Ashigaru archer (a Samurai foot soldier) I have had a couple of these knocking around for a few years and on a whim I thought I would paint him up as a test piece . I have represented him from the Sengoku Jidai period (period of the waring states 1467-1600) and he can be used for the Samurai invasion of Korea under Toyotomi Hideyoshi .
    I decided to go with a uniform type of appearance as a lot of Ashigaru were dressed in the same coloured cloth supplied by their lords (daimyo) or one of his vassals or if he was in a unit that was part of a full time unit . You could have a unit in a variety of colours if they were from a poorer background or it was in the early period of Sengoku Jidai .
His Armour is laminated iron on a backing of chain mail I am not sure if this would be considered as tatami do (folding armour)  he also has a jingasa helmet not metal but lacquered with his daimyo's mon badge on it . I wanted to paint free style as I could find a good enough variety of transfers so I chose Satake Yoshinobu his mon was a fan with a sun disk in the middle. I'm not sure if his ahigaru carried it on their armour and I have seen a picture of him wearing just the sun disk on his breast plate . But I wanted to have a go painting the fan for work on a later date, and I must confess I have no idea what his ashigru looked like !
   I may change the flesh undertones as they are dark but its the same old problem of what looks good close up on a picture would not stand out on a table top . So that wraps up my test piece I wont base him yet until I decide what direction to go . I have a couple more New Zealand war figures to put up in a couple of days and I am nearly ready to start the command group of my British AWI unit. And still in the Que I have some Perry Koreans and more British AWI,  well they say variety is the spice of life .
Regards Furphy. 

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