Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another Couple of 1840's New Zealand Wars Miniatures

Hello everyone,
  here's a couple of New Zealand war miniatures from Empress Miniatures, another Militia and a civilian lady . I am adding to the range slowly a couple at a time, the way its progressing it will be Christmas before I use them in anger . But it really is a great range with a lot of potential to use in small actions so you would not need a lot of figures (that's what I keep telling myself anyway) .
I painted the militia soldier in his late forty's or fifty's as a lot of men had already done their twenty years with the colours and had been enticed to emigrate to New Zealand with the promise of a land grant this gave the civilian population a stiffening of military trained men to call on when needed . As mostly the British Army had only a small presence in New Zealand and Australia . And the garrisons had to continually move around to not only provide protection to settlers but also to provide engineers and sappers for engineering projects and in some cases convict guards (although that was a task often done by military pensioners .
   I hope your projects are progressing well, its time for me to get back to painting my red coats take care until next time .
Regards Furphy.   

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