Thursday, 24 April 2014

Warhammer 40.000 Chaos Cultists

Hi all,
I thought you might like to see what I'm about to start and who knows even complete . For a while I thought I needed to stretch and improve my painting style so I am going into the realms of fantasy ( well my wife says I've been living there for years !) and anything else that crosses my paint pallet . I will still be painting historical but I wanted to get out my comfort zone so I popped into my local games workshop and came out with some Warhammer 40.000 chaos cultists to start me off . Bellow are a couple of pictures of them assembled so lets see what a mess I make with them.
 I'm probably the only one in the whole of cyber space who hasn't painted warhammer at some time in their life . They are nice heroic scale and their plastic not always my favourite medium but the sculpting has lots of movement and the detail is very crisp they come with their slotter base's so all in all I have to say I like them,  there was almost no mold lines  and what was there came away with a knife very easy . Some of the prices gave me the shakes but I look at it this way you can save for your old age only for the government to take it off you or you can buy minis .
Regards as always Furphy.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Another Couple of 1840's New Zealand Wars Miniatures

Hello everyone,
  here's a couple of New Zealand war miniatures from Empress Miniatures, another Militia and a civilian lady . I am adding to the range slowly a couple at a time, the way its progressing it will be Christmas before I use them in anger . But it really is a great range with a lot of potential to use in small actions so you would not need a lot of figures (that's what I keep telling myself anyway) .
I painted the militia soldier in his late forty's or fifty's as a lot of men had already done their twenty years with the colours and had been enticed to emigrate to New Zealand with the promise of a land grant this gave the civilian population a stiffening of military trained men to call on when needed . As mostly the British Army had only a small presence in New Zealand and Australia . And the garrisons had to continually move around to not only provide protection to settlers but also to provide engineers and sappers for engineering projects and in some cases convict guards (although that was a task often done by military pensioners .
   I hope your projects are progressing well, its time for me to get back to painting my red coats take care until next time .
Regards Furphy.   

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Perry miniatures 28mm Ashigaru test piece

Hi all,
I'm back with another short post to brighten up your day or not as the case maybe ! I have just the one miniature to show today its a 28mm Perry Miniature Ashigaru archer (a Samurai foot soldier) I have had a couple of these knocking around for a few years and on a whim I thought I would paint him up as a test piece . I have represented him from the Sengoku Jidai period (period of the waring states 1467-1600) and he can be used for the Samurai invasion of Korea under Toyotomi Hideyoshi .
    I decided to go with a uniform type of appearance as a lot of Ashigaru were dressed in the same coloured cloth supplied by their lords (daimyo) or one of his vassals or if he was in a unit that was part of a full time unit . You could have a unit in a variety of colours if they were from a poorer background or it was in the early period of Sengoku Jidai .
His Armour is laminated iron on a backing of chain mail I am not sure if this would be considered as tatami do (folding armour)  he also has a jingasa helmet not metal but lacquered with his daimyo's mon badge on it . I wanted to paint free style as I could find a good enough variety of transfers so I chose Satake Yoshinobu his mon was a fan with a sun disk in the middle. I'm not sure if his ahigaru carried it on their armour and I have seen a picture of him wearing just the sun disk on his breast plate . But I wanted to have a go painting the fan for work on a later date, and I must confess I have no idea what his ashigru looked like !
   I may change the flesh undertones as they are dark but its the same old problem of what looks good close up on a picture would not stand out on a table top . So that wraps up my test piece I wont base him yet until I decide what direction to go . I have a couple more New Zealand war figures to put up in a couple of days and I am nearly ready to start the command group of my British AWI unit. And still in the Que I have some Perry Koreans and more British AWI,  well they say variety is the spice of life .
Regards Furphy.