Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Ninth Of Foot In The American Revolution

Hi all,
Sorry it's been sometime since my last post (how many times have I said that !) . I have really enjoyed painting these , the American Revolution has always been an interest both the military and political conflict. These are Perry miniatures and are for the Saratoga campaign hence the short jackets cut down hats with horse hair attached . The Perry's have said there wasn't concrete information on the colour of the horse hair ( maybe black with white for the light company) however I had a look at an American reenactors site for the Ninth of foot and they wore white so I went with that. I also added a white metal number nine badge to the front of  the hat also from the same site.
  The back pack flap was painted yellow as per the regulation facing colour some regiments painted the rear flap and some left them canvas . In the middle of the flap is a dark red circle and within that circle the badge of the regiment ( please note only regiments that were classed as old corps had a badge at this time) the badge of the Ninth was Britannia . Now I have to confess I have tried over and over again to paint the Britannia badge even in simple shapes but they just looked rubbish so I cheated    
 and painted the number in Roman numerals (many regiments had there regimental number on the back) . As far as I can tell as per usual the Ninth had their grenadier and light company's detached so these are the centre or hat company's . The colours are GMB Design and are up to their usual high standards  as always Vallejo acrylic paint with Galleria gloss and matt varnish the bases are War bases 3mm deep laser cut.
  I hope your projects are progressing well, and until next time.........
Regards Furphy.