Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Zealand Wars Civilians

Hi all,
 this is just a quick post showing a couple of civilians for the New Zealand wars, again simple basing . i have a few more to go but at the moment I'm cracking on with the American Revolution British, these are halfway along. I hope you are all well.
  Regards Furphy. 

Sunday, 23 February 2014

15mm Battle Front mid war British

Hello everyone,
today's offering is a British infantry platoon from the Italian and Mediterranean front they are from Battle Front and are based to their flames of war format (well i think so) but as i have said before i will be using them for the Two Fat Lardies I Ain't Been Shot Mum Rules . The miniatures were supplied by Stafford Games, i always recommend them for their great service . There were some mold lines and flash but nothing excessive. I based them more for Sicily with a more dry feel to the terrain,you could use the eighth army in shorts as i have seen many pictures of the Toms wearing them or maybe mix them up for a little variety, i should think you could use these mid war miniatures for Tunisia as well.
   I had hoped to been gaming these soon but other painting commitments have slowed me down and it will be some weeks before i can get another platoon. The house is the Dutch one pictured before it still needs to be varnished. And talking of varnish (don't we all) i have not been happy with mine over the last few months so thought it was time to change. I had tried Testors dull coat applied with a brush and it does what it says but i thought it flatted out the high lites to much whether that would show on my 28mm i didn't want to chance so i am now using Windsor and Newtons Galleria with great results . I tried it out on two 28mm figures and am very pleased i used the Acrylic gloss and matt so here's hoping for the best in the future.
  I have some Perry Miniatures on the table at the moment British infantry in the American Revolution they are half way through and am very pleased with how they are turning out as an ex redcoat its a period that i enjoy a lot both on sea and land and the politics behind it .
I hope all is well with you in the bloggasphere and until next time goodbye.
  Regards Furphy.