Thursday, 23 January 2014

15mm Dutch Building from Kerr and King

Hello everyone,
   I have just received a building from Kerr and King i ordered a couple of weeks ago, its a Dutch town house suitable for world war two in North west Europe it would probably meet a few other periods in history as well.
 The house came in a sturdy cardboard box and packed in newspaper all of which did the job of protecting it in transit. The house comes in three pieces, the main building the roof and a second floor. All were well sculpted with a lot of detail , the building does have some small air holes but they did not detract from the overall look of the piece. There was a small amount of flash and ruff cast on the chimney and roof edge but nothing a sharp knife couldn't take care of. The second story floor was slightly warped but still fitted well and once painted would not be noticed.
So overall a very nice piece i would give it a big Furphy 9 out of 10 all i would add is if the company could let you know the status of your order (as many do) it would stop you getting twitchy and maybe add some paperwork inside the package with a thank you for your order a personnel touch goes a long way. So yes very pleased with my purchase and i  will be adding them to my supplier list .

    Now here's the problem here i am with a Dutch house and i will be using my Two Fat Lardies i ain't been shot mum rules to fight in Sicily and the Italian mainland oh well i suppose i will have to exchange Parmesan cheese for Edam. Bellow are my usual crummy pictures of the building unpainted.
  Until next time......
Regards Furphy. 


  1. Hi Phil,
    I think with the postage it was £12.00 so not a bad price for a well sculpted building now you watch me wreck it with a paint job.
    Regards Furphy.