Wednesday, 29 January 2014

28mm Empress Miniatures New Zealand Wars

Hi all,
i hope you are well just putting a few posts up in dribs and drabs as and when i have something finished i do hope to get better with the pictures, just not yet ! So here's a couple more civilians of Empress miniatures New Zealand wars range as always Vallejo paints, gloss varnish and a couple of coats of matt. Because of the base size i have not gone overboard with the decoration.
  I hope your all getting through the lead and plastic mountains on your painting desks.
Until next time.......
   Regards Furphy.


Thursday, 23 January 2014

15mm Dutch Building from Kerr and King

Hello everyone,
   I have just received a building from Kerr and King i ordered a couple of weeks ago, its a Dutch town house suitable for world war two in North west Europe it would probably meet a few other periods in history as well.
 The house came in a sturdy cardboard box and packed in newspaper all of which did the job of protecting it in transit. The house comes in three pieces, the main building the roof and a second floor. All were well sculpted with a lot of detail , the building does have some small air holes but they did not detract from the overall look of the piece. There was a small amount of flash and ruff cast on the chimney and roof edge but nothing a sharp knife couldn't take care of. The second story floor was slightly warped but still fitted well and once painted would not be noticed.
So overall a very nice piece i would give it a big Furphy 9 out of 10 all i would add is if the company could let you know the status of your order (as many do) it would stop you getting twitchy and maybe add some paperwork inside the package with a thank you for your order a personnel touch goes a long way. So yes very pleased with my purchase and i  will be adding them to my supplier list .

    Now here's the problem here i am with a Dutch house and i will be using my Two Fat Lardies i ain't been shot mum rules to fight in Sicily and the Italian mainland oh well i suppose i will have to exchange Parmesan cheese for Edam. Bellow are my usual crummy pictures of the building unpainted.
  Until next time......
Regards Furphy. 

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hi all,
 I have at last taken the plunge (no pun intended) and made myself a wet pallet to paint with . I normally use a ceramic tile but under the lights the paint drys out to quick so i thought what the heck lets give it a try. I had looked to see how much to buy one but after surfing the net i thought like a lot of other people there was nothing to making one.
What you will need:
  1. cleaning sponges
  2. plastic container
  3. baking paper
  4. water
The plastic container shouldn't be to deep that it would impede your paint mixing and the sponges could be any type maybe even out of packing from a figure box, the water could be tap but maybe use distilled or bottled if your wallet can run to it (less impurities than tap water).
  Fill the container with enough water that when you press a finger on the sponger the water pools around it (mine started at 5mm deep i then added a little more until i reached the desired amount). Cut your baking paper to fit the container the press the paper firmly on the sponge then turn it over and place it back on the sponge.
  There you have it one wet pallet you should be able to keep paint mixed on the pallet days or even weeks . And you mix your paint as you would with any other pallet. When you return to your paint you may find it has separated just give it a mix and you should be good to go !
As i said i took a look at lots of peoples ideas on the net so a big thank you and if this how to is not up to scratch have a surf there are plenty of people you can explain better than me.
  That's all folks until next time stay safe.
       Regards Furphy.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Happy New Year To You All !

Happy New Year one and all,
Yes i know its late but i have been sick all over the holiday (lets face it, it wouldn't be a holiday without spending it in bed with the shakes !) so i wasn't in the mood for Christmas or New year cheer. I have tried on numerous occasions to pick up the brush but you know what man flue is like it beats you every time. So what will i be working on this year ? well there is still my ACW 28mm project i ill definitely be adding to my New Zealand wars in 28mm I do like Ebor Miniatures War of the Spanish Succession in 28mm just for the joy of painting those sculpts. And i am sending off for the Two Fat Lardies I ain't been shot mum rules so there will be plenty of scope for 15mm world war 2.
   And as ever there will be plenty of other periods that will fall under the brush but will probably go under the hammer (that sounded better in my head) . I have just sent off for a shed load of supplies so i need to start selling and hustling for commissions to pay for it all .
I have tagged on some of the New Zealand war miniatures that i have completed as you will see on this post and others coming up women's fashion is not me so i am not sure if they ever wore these colours in the 1840s but i thought i would brighten them up as the men folk are rather drab. The Militia were supplied by the 58th Foot so the hat has there facing colour (black) around the cap band, the shirts could be white,grey or any civilian style when on campaign.
    The civilians could be used for a range of dates and country's . i kept the bases simple with just a few standard tufts i said it in my last post that i really rated these sculpts and i still do, lovely work Mr Hicks.
Any way that's it for now there will be an eclectic mix in up and coming posts if the painting desk is anything to go by. And remember if you do come down with the man flue keep away from the painting desk it only ends in tears !
Regards Furphy.