Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Snake Rail Fence

  As I mentioned in my last post I am planning to get a 6mm Union army from Baccus . So I thought I would start producing some basic terrain as and when I have a spare five minutes . I have begun with some snake rail fencing . I have made them from the usual match sticks, ice lolly sticks, gravel, sand, torn sponge with some static grass . I painted them with Vallejo paints (german cammo brown and dry brush with silver grey) I matt varnished them with Windsor and Newton Gallaria matt varnish . PVA glue holds it all together, I did try hot glue but working with match sticks I found it more trouble than it's worth .
Now I know they are not to scale and they could easily  be used for 15mm as well . And I did try to cut the match sticks down further and that does give it a cleaved look but it also cleaved my fingers at the same time . I also think leaving them as they are they site together a lot better and I belive when looking down on them from above and at a distance they would not be to out of place .
   So bellow are some test ones in all their splender just waiting for one army or the other to hack them down and use them as fire wood . I plan to make forty or fifty to begin with, I would like to try some post and rail fences but the experiment hasn't proved successful so far .
There will be more to come if I still have my fingers left !
Regards Furphy .

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

28mm Perry Miniatures British Dragoons The American Revolution

Hi all,
   here is a few more forces for my American Revolutionary War collection these are dismounted 16th light dragoons in skirmish poses . Compared to the light infantry on my other post I really like the poses on these sculpts .  My little army is growing slowly probably as slow as it took the home government to supply men to the army in North America . I thought I would be gaming with them in the summer of this year but not a chance I will get there when I get there I am not going to beat my self up over it.
I still have my late war British 15mm army to complete and now I want to start a 6mm union ACW army as well , I am also painting a 15mm British Peninsular
war battalion which I may keep or sell depending on what other hobby supplies I need !
  I hope you all have a nice Christmas holiday and your painting and gaming are productive .
Regards Furphy . 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

British Light Infantry the American Revolution

  here's some pictures of some light infantry for my American Revolution project . I can only apologise for the poor pictures but they do hide my poor painting . These light bobs would normally work together away from their parent unit, the same as grenadiers . Most of the light infantry and grenadier company's were grouped together in battalions to be used for particular operations .
I would of liked to see some loading and firing poses rather than just charging but I suppose you can't have everything . They do come with different style hats but I think the Perry's are missing a trick with not having some variety of poses, the hessians are much more varied .
Well that's all folkes until next time .
Regards Furphy .

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Battle Front 15mm Panzer Grenadiers

I hope you are all well !
after much head scratching I decided to base the panzer grenadiers exchanging riflemen for panzerfaust and a panzerknacker . If its late war they would have had a lot of these weapons to hand so I cant see anyone wanting to leave them out . Up to now I have only bought flames of war in blister packs so it came as a shock to realise I would have to purchase more bases to complete the whole box . Then when I came to base them I did not need all of the figures, I had followed the directions on the FOW website for a late war grenadier company (1x HQ 2x PLATOONS of 3x SQUADS) I would like to say I live and learn but I never do !
  I am slowly gearing up to paint full time so if you would like to commission something let me know I will be making some changes to the blog as well to reflect this . I will also be opening a facebook account so you could also follow along there . Bellow are some photos of the Panzer grenadiers, I had trouble loading up one of the platoons but there's enough there to get the idea . As I said before nice sculpts compared to the metal the odd whole easy to fill with Vallejo plastic putty,  the moldlines can be in places that you may cut up the sculpt by removing them, on occasion I left them and painted them in where possible . But I have to say I really enjoyed them, they are painted for the late war period and have a lot of movement in them .
 Well thank you for stopping by I will have some Napoleonic's  coming up and a few bits and bobs including my American Revolution crown army .
Regards Furphy .

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Panzer Grenadiers Late War

Hi all,
Here's some more panzer grenadiers they are not based as I have hit on a bit of a snag . The box comes with the base's and plugs but when I used the code to have a look on the flames of war web site they give you different points options for the platoons you may ditch a riflemen here or there for a Panzerknacker or panzerfaust . Not being a flames of war player myself I'm not sure what a potential customer would would like to base them as so when I finish the company I will give anyone who wants to purchase them the option of unbased with the plain base's sent along as is or based to the customers requirements . I tell you nothing is ever simple, there's still another platoon to finish plus two more to start and a command stand . But they do have some great dynamic poses as I said before I'm trying to go for a late war feel withe a mix of field grey, zeltbahn, cammo jackets and trousers, and mouse grey .
  I hope when they are based they should all be that little bit different, well that's the plan anyway .
Regards Furphy .

Friday, 17 October 2014

15mm panzer grenadier test figures

As I said in my last post here's some painted and varnished figures from the command sprew I can't base them yet as some more need to be added . This was just a chance to see what the figures looked like painted up as I have not painted any battle front plastic sculpts before.
  I tend to paint and high lite more brightly at 15mm to make them show up more when based I may make the splinter pattern somewhat darker I will do a couple more to make my mind up. I want to really mix up the uniforms to show that late war feel and the sculpts themselves really lend to this .
I have to say so far they are a pleasure to paint, the faces are slightly smaller than the PSC so are harder to work on but are well worth the time expended on them . Well that's about it for this post I have some photos bellow it's now on to the rest of the sprews .
  Regards Furphy.

Friday, 10 October 2014

A Review of Battle Fronts 15mm World War Two German Panzer Grenadeir Company in Plastic

After a title like that you get what this review is about !
I still have a few British to finish but I thought I would start the ball rolling with these Germans I will be selling these at a later date to help pay some bills. I have to say when it comes to metal 15mm from any company I have never really been impressed with the level of detail or poses. Plastic Soldier Company have led the way for me I question the webbing layout as they seem to use the same on each sculpt this may be cheaper but it seems lazy to me and detracts from what is otherwise a great product . PSC have some good poses and although you get a lot for your money they do repeat a lot of sculpts that you can not always use.
   I cant compare Battle Fronts Late war Germans with PSC but some accounts have not been great  to the PSC range because of a lack of weapon options and uniform details for the late war period . These Battle Front sculpts in my opinion are very good less chunky than the PSC which if you want to go into any detail on flesh and some uniform details are going to be tricky . But if its a wash and dry brush and onto the table then no problem . There's also some very dynamic poses also a good range of late war uniform details some stg 44's would have been nice but that's being picky . I could also see these being used as a standard infantry company, Luftwaffe field division or late war navy infantry battle group .
Here's some pictures.........

the command group as you can see little in the way of flash.

The bases supplied

The Platoons

the above is a size comparison the middle figure is PSC late war British . there are 109 miniatures in the box, I have to say I will enjoy painting these up. Tune in next time to see a couple of completed examples . I hope this review has been of some help and I will catch you soon.
Regards Furphy.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

British 15mm World War Two M10 Achillies

Hello all,
It's been some time since my last post, I have been hard at work on the brushes but it's been mainly working  on my 15mm British . As you have seen one base you would have seen them all as they are all more or less the same, I didn't want to bore you looking at the same stuff.
  I have painted up a British M10 Achilles it's from Battle Front I would call it a compersite model as the hull and turret are resin the 17 pounder gun barrel is metal ( the 3 inch barrel is plastic) and the tracks plastic. There are also three metal crew and a plastic 50cal machine gun oh and the counter weight on the turret is metal .
I have to say I liked the kit there wasn't much clean up involved although I screwed up on the tracks as I thought there wasn't much in the way of mold lines so decided to paint the base colours on the sprue  . Of course there was mold lines and now they show, but not enough for me to want to remove them, such is life but as this ones for me I'm not going to have a hissey fit !
The M10 was brush painted as I still haven't got my air brush set up, there's a minor territorial dispute going on with the boss so 15mm armour is being brush painted for another month until I can bargain for more space. I gave it a couple of washes to replicate roadside dust added a guards armoured division sign, a serial number and a few bits of stowage. I was going to mount an allied invasion star on the rear deck but mine were to small and I had no decal fix .
So there you have it a rather long winded explanation for a simple model . And here's a bit of info On the M10 Achilles It was a standard M10 as supplied and used by the Americans but instead of using the 3inch gun it mounted the British pounder as used by the Sherman Firefly it was a proven tank killer and could take on the feared Tiger at longer range and with a better chance of a kill (I did say a chance) of course it had thinner armour and an open turret so you got your shot off and then got the hell out of dodge ! You can tell a Achilles because of the counter weight on the rear of the turret and a great big gun on the front there's also a weighted collar behind the muzzle break .
  The Americans tended to use there M10's as offensive tank hunters so extra armour in reality . The British used them defensively firing and then moving fast to another  position they also used them to move up quickly to a newly captured position to give some firepower to the defenders .
Thanks for taking the time to read my humble blog I hope you are all well and I will catch you again soon .
Regards Furphy.

Just a postscript I broke the 50cal barrel when taking the pictures and had to tack it on so sorry for the glue showing I might try some brass rod to fix it, cheers.