Monday, 9 December 2013

More Union Infantry

Hello all,
  I finished some Perry Miniatures plastic union infantry i had planed to put three or four pictures up but the camera packed up after one so i am afraid that's all you get for now (i know not to much of a good thing !).
I have to say i wasn't that impressed with the quality with these miniatures . I thought the details around the rifle and also the bread bag and canteen very soft some of the faces looked rushed with no ear detail and a pinched look (i know a better painter could get more out of them ). Not all have bad face detail but the others are bad enough to drag you down when you are painting them.
  I have planed to get another box because they are cast in two poses, marching and skirmishing . so i am going to build two larger units one marching the other a firing line. I have tacked on the colours that come with them just for the photos they will be replaced when the units are complete. The poles for the colours i would still like to see longer even if they were that size in real life . The Zaouves i have already painted up were much better quality, so what would i rate these ? i would have to say five out of ten . Perry Miniatures make some great miniatures but these look rushed to me.
   Well that's it for now i am off to throw a camera at the wall good luck with your projects .
Regards Furphy. 


  1. Very nice work, and your flags are really impressive!

  2. Hello Phil,
    Cheers mate for the kind words . I think I may be getting somewhere with the trouser colour at last . And I still think the poles that mount the colours should be longer !
    Regards Furphy.