Monday, 9 December 2013

More Union Infantry

Hello all,
  I finished some Perry Miniatures plastic union infantry i had planed to put three or four pictures up but the camera packed up after one so i am afraid that's all you get for now (i know not to much of a good thing !).
I have to say i wasn't that impressed with the quality with these miniatures . I thought the details around the rifle and also the bread bag and canteen very soft some of the faces looked rushed with no ear detail and a pinched look (i know a better painter could get more out of them ). Not all have bad face detail but the others are bad enough to drag you down when you are painting them.
  I have planed to get another box because they are cast in two poses, marching and skirmishing . so i am going to build two larger units one marching the other a firing line. I have tacked on the colours that come with them just for the photos they will be replaced when the units are complete. The poles for the colours i would still like to see longer even if they were that size in real life . The Zaouves i have already painted up were much better quality, so what would i rate these ? i would have to say five out of ten . Perry Miniatures make some great miniatures but these look rushed to me.
   Well that's it for now i am off to throw a camera at the wall good luck with your projects .
Regards Furphy. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Empress Miniatures 28mm New Zealand wars

Hello everyone,
  i have just received these Empress Miniatures figures they represent settlers and militia for the New Zealand wars this range i believe cover the Flag staff wars 1843-47 this war was between the British and the Maori . It is called the Flagstaff war because the Maori under chief Hone Heke cut down the flag staff flying the union flag on a number of occasions, the Maori also attacked the settlement of Kororareka driving the settlers onto ships in the bay, they then sacked the town.
You could also use these figures for the later wars of the 1860's although the British uniforms would not be accurate for that period. Most of the actions were fought in small scale compared to other British colonial wars. the Maori were experts in ambush and their fortified Pa's were very well constructed most of the time they only withdrew from them either through lack of supplies or the British driving saps towards the walls of the Pa . As always the osprey books are a good start for what was worn by both sides they also do a book on Maori fortifications, there are also a lot of on line content to study (sadly a much overlooked period).
   I wanted to post these photographs because i thought the miniatures were some of the best i had seen they are sculpted by Paul Hicks in my opinion the best there is .there was No flash and very little mold lines nothing was broken and they arrived after a few days . I have herd people say Empress Miniatures are expensive but for me their miniatures scream quality my only gripe would be i would have preferred them delivered in a box rather than bubble rap but as the metal is not soft that wasn't a problem. So on the Furphy scale i would give these 10 out of 10 dead chuffed now you watch me wreck some great sculpts with one of my paint jobs !
Keep safe until you pop in again for more thrilling tales from the painting desk of Furphy.
   Regards Furphy.