Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry American Civil War

Well its over, its finished !
  at long last my Zouaves are complete i have done better but i have to say i can do no more. Its been one of those projects that's ran way over time. These as i have said before are Perry Miniatures plastics . They came in two poses , charging and right shoulder shift i went for the latter. They were provided with their own plastic bases and two colours (flags) i have use colours from Flags of War its the first time i have used them and i was very impressed with the product, service and packing . I was not so impressed with the poles to mount them on ( they were to short) . I should have said that's down to Perry .
I have always said I'm not a big fan of plastics but these in my opinion are good . There are mold lines down the sides but most can be removed with a sharp knife . i thought the faces had good detail and they came with two heads (turban around fez or just fez) mine have mostly plain fez hats for use in the field with the colour party wearing turbans, my choise for a touch of variety. The different parts came together well, i used gel supper glue .
    Theres plenty of reference material on the web i got a lot from a reenactment group in New York,the box has some reference art but i find reenactment groups of different periods good to get a general idea of uniforms if you cant afford osprey books etc.
I am also working on some Perry plastic ACW infantry on and off these i have a very dim view of but that's another tale for another day. So out of ten Furphy gives these Zouaves an 8,

 would i paint up another box not for a long while unless its a commission !
Good luck with your projects and enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.


  1. Nice job... These Zouaves are reallr impressive!

  2. Hi Phil thanks I think I will change the photos as they didn't come out great . But they do make my painting better !
    Regards Furphy.

  3. These look great! Really colourful unit. I have some zouaves to do for the Sudan, and the Egyptian 'Turkish Battalion'.

  4. Cheers Phil, they are now marching on a table top somewhere in Belgium with their new owner .
    Regards Furphy .