Saturday, 9 November 2013

American Civil War Union Infantry

Hi all,
 yes its been a slow blog the last couple of months the Zouaves have been stuttering along i still have twelve to varnish with another six to finish painting . And then theres the basing the civil war will be over before the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry takes to the field . But i have a couple of casualtie figures to show you these a Perry Miniatures and they are metal i think my other union infantry will have to have more sky blue in the trousers . But i didn't want them looking to neon, when you have dark blue uniforms it can often be a pain to get the correct high lite on the creases etc . To dark and they don't show up on the table and to light and you have a completely different blue so i use Prussian dark blue with black in,  then Prussian dark blue, then Prussian dark blue and then Prussian blue and the final high lites are Luftwaffe blue with sometimes a little green blue.
  And now we get back to the trousers because of the tone down jackets the sky blue trousers hurt my eyes when i trialed the paint so i have used more muted blues mostly all the above colours (from Prussian blue onwards) , as always the paint is Vallejo.
So bellow are some pictures of the above, i have a box of perry plastic American Civil War to paint i had thought i could make them up as one pose but you cant so i will have to get another box to make one marching and one firing line . so you would think i could get the trouser colour right by the end.
   Anyway i hope you are enjoying your projects and they are going a little quicker than mine and as we enjoy are hobby please as it will soon be Remembrance Day in the UK spare a thought for the the armed services of your countries past and present who have fallen doing their duty may they rest in peace.
  Regards Furphy.


  1. Nice work, I really like these vignettes!

  2. Cheers Phil it's been a quiet couple of months but the zouaves are nearly finished, I have the plastic union infantry to start and I am going to send off for some of Galloping majors Apache range . Thanks for the kind words . Regards Furphy.