Thursday, 17 October 2013

28mm Zouaves

Hi all,
  sorry for the time its taken to get a post up, that's the way it is with painting miniatures some weeks theres nothing to show and then a number of projects come together at the same time. Or in the case of the American civil war Zouaves stretch off into infinity . I thought i had better show you something rather than nothing.
  So here are some that are painted and varnished but not based . I have done the colour party in turbans (still one to start) i have based them on the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. I have left out the drummer as they would be recovering wounded behind the firing line the colour bearers would be normally NCO's leaving the officers to command the company's .
I will not be using the colours in the box as i am always a big fan of GMB designs range of colours . hopefully i will have finished the box by next week, but with these i am painting in between other commitments. When i have completed the unit i will give a list of colours for anyone interested. I hope to put a union brigade together as time goes on .
    Well back to the painting desk ,bellow are a few photos taken with my usual professional camera skills . Enjoy your painting everyone !
   Regards Furphy.