Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic Zouaves

Hi all ,
 this is one of those posts that will probably be of little interest to most as it does not show any painted figures. But i thought i would put up a couple of pictures showing some Perry Miniatures plastic Zouaves in 28mm. I have to say i don't do a lot of plastic i have done the odd commission but i have to say i do love my metal. But i thought what the heck i wanted to do some American Civil War so try some plastic.
I have put a couple of test figures together they went ok until i tried one of the colour Sargent's and no matter how i tried i could not get the arms to fit i have been using super glue gel as its good for covering joins i found it was also good for sticking my fingers to my tweezers and snipers and, well you get the picture. Then went for the green stuff only to remember i used the last up a week ago on a rather wonky Cromwell tank, so what was left of my white Milliput came to the rescue.
   I will be painting the unit to represent the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. They made a stand at the Second Manassas  losing some322 men of 525 engaged but saved the colours. I will keep you updated as i progress only another 38 to put together !
Now how do i get my fingers to unstick from this keyboard  ?
    Regards Furphy.


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