Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic Zouaves

Hi all ,
 this is one of those posts that will probably be of little interest to most as it does not show any painted figures. But i thought i would put up a couple of pictures showing some Perry Miniatures plastic Zouaves in 28mm. I have to say i don't do a lot of plastic i have done the odd commission but i have to say i do love my metal. But i thought what the heck i wanted to do some American Civil War so try some plastic.
I have put a couple of test figures together they went ok until i tried one of the colour Sargent's and no matter how i tried i could not get the arms to fit i have been using super glue gel as its good for covering joins i found it was also good for sticking my fingers to my tweezers and snipers and, well you get the picture. Then went for the green stuff only to remember i used the last up a week ago on a rather wonky Cromwell tank, so what was left of my white Milliput came to the rescue.
   I will be painting the unit to represent the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. They made a stand at the Second Manassas  losing some322 men of 525 engaged but saved the colours. I will keep you updated as i progress only another 38 to put together !
Now how do i get my fingers to unstick from this keyboard  ?
    Regards Furphy.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm Russian Cossacks

Hi all,
thanks for stopping by i thought i would put some pictures up of Perry Miniatures retreat from Moscow 1812 range Russian Cossacks. I relay like the poses they painted up quit well i thought i would paint them clean with no winter washes on them , i think for the table top i prefer clean looking figures if i were doing a diorama i would have applied washes to give a colder impression.
 These and the dismounted cavalry of the same range will be up for sale if any one wants to make me an offer. I still have eight dismounted cavalry to finish they are almost complete .

 All that's left to do is paint the base edges and varnish the edge to stop the paint rubbing. Well this has been a short post (of which you can all be thankful !) but be warned there will be a book revue on the way. Stay safe and enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm retreat from Russia 1812

Hi all,
 its been a while since my last post i have now painted the cossacks but unfortunately i have ran out of cavalry bases but i have sent an order to Perry Miniatures so ordered some assorted plastic bases at the same time.However at least i still had some extra 20mm single bases knocking around so i have painted and based four of the dismounted cavalry.
  I decided to paint them in a variety of looted clothing, some are wearing sheepskin so i painted those in different colours some i have added the odd Russian greatcoat. on these ones i decided to leave off a white wash and to keep them fairly clean looking.The bases i have left fairly sparse with a couple of winter clumps for effect.
 The 11th Hussars in my version of indigo blue with a civilian shirt on underneath.

 A cuirassier with looted Russian greatcoat underneath his cape.

 Another 11th hussar in sheepskin.

 A Caribinier  with sheepskin under his cape.

 A group shot.

I will put the cossacks up later on in the week once they are based, these will be up for sale along with the above and eight others that are moving along the production line. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
   Regards Furphy.