Sunday, 4 August 2013

Painting update

Hi all,
Just a quick up date on on how the painting is coming along as you will see by the photo's most of the base colours have been filled in. There's a lot Khaki going on some is the base for some buff and ivory that will be going on later ( when you use black as an undercoat you will often have trouble with the black bleeding through colours like white and yellow) .
  So you could use grey or white as an undercoat but I usually go for black it's good for between straps etc. If you do need to put white or yellow the try Khaki grey, Khaki  or maybe Khaki with some buff added, then layer your lighter colours after that.
The base for the blue is dark Prussian blue with a little black. The red is red black (if that makes sense) most of the leather work is English uniform. The flesh is panzer ace shadow flesh and the green leggings are dark green.
  Well this was going to be a well thought out and a concise tutorial but as ever has turned into a bit of a ramble. Next time i will cover some various highlights, once the miniatures are based i will give a complete rundown of all the paints used.
Regards Furphy.

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