Friday, 9 August 2013

Hows the tutorial going ?

just thought i would put a couple of pictures up of my french Indian wars figures. You know when you look forward to painting a set of miniatures and then after an hour or more the enthusiasm wheres off, well this has been one of those projects. It wasn't until is started the base colours i noticed how many pin holes were in some of the sculpts. Then i was going to do a warm white which turned the colour of warm beer i have also tried to vary the colour of the buckskin (how many times i have lost count).
  It shows when i need a break from certain figures because i throw others into the mix.Hence why i have four Australian infantry in Vietnam (jungle greens what can go wrong ?) in the que. So here's a couple of pictures for you to have a good laugh at, as for the rest of the tutorial when i finish these in the next few days i will add the colours i have used.
Well i hope your having better luck with your miniatures and gaming than me, until next time.
    Regards Furphy.


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