Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vietnam War ANZAC Infantry

Hello everyone,
 i hope you are well today i thought i would put up some pictures of some Vietnam era ANZACS they haven't been based or varnished yet. The miniatures are from The Assault Group they are 28mm and well proportioned, i like the poses .i have another twelve to paint which i will do off and on when i have the time.
Things i liked about the sculpts:
  • Action poses.
  • Mixture of webbing (they used two different UK based webbing and any thing usefull off the Americans).
  • The bandoleer for the M60 machin gun ammo belts (the brown looking bedroll).
  • Very little mold lines or flash .
Things i didn't like about the sculpts:
  • The faces could do with a bit more character (my painting style needs all the help it can get !).
  • I would have liked to see the flash suppressor on the ends of the SLR.
  • There were what i call pin holes on most the sculpts.
Overall i would give the sculpts seven out of ten.
I have tried to show the miniatures in an in the field look, with the webbing showing an accumulation of dirt after many months slogging through the bush.

The lighter coloured webbing i think was 48 pattern this was a buff or light sand colour it was often mixed with 58 pattern and some American pouches and canteens. I will have to go back and edit the early webbing when i find out the correct date.

The SLR was the early pattern wooden stock version they came in a triangular and oval stock. The SLR would have been my weapon of choose yes it was heaver than the M16 and so was the ammunition but when you are hit by a 7.62 mm round you don't often get up . I have used the SLR and the Rifle 5.62 (SA80) (never in anger) . It might sound a bit morbid but look up Commander Rick Jolly Red and Green Life Machine book, he was a surgeon in the Falklands war and take a look at the wounds caused by 7.62mm ammunition . Its a sobering and thought provoking book.

I always think working on jungle greens is hard by their very nature the clothes and the webbing are supposed to blend in so its hard to bring out features without over black lining (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it !)
And just to finish off here's some Warlord Games Bolt Action British Airborne straight out of the blister i will let you find the miniature with the pouch the wrong way round . These are the assault party, rifles, stens and a flame thrower.
I will show more of these at a later date, but for now that's all folks enjoy your day . Just remember no matter how bad your day gets theres always painting and gaming.

Regards Furphy.

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