Monday, 5 August 2013

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Hello all,
 thought I might try my hand at a book review (I can't be any worse at it than my miniature reviews). As I have said i am interested in most aspects of military history from early imperial Rome to modern  conflicts. One subject that always draws me back is Australia's and New Zealand contribution to the Vietnam war. They always punched above their weight and from first to last had very high moral, so a book I often take off the shelf is The Battle of Coral by Lex McAulay (1988 my copy1990).
The battle in question was the largest fought in Vietnam by ANZAC troops (long Tan was a two company battle with APC and artillery support) The battle of Coral and Balmoral envoled all arms including centurions tanks and M40 dusters the battle took place North East of Saigon between May and June 1968 operations would be undertaken for approx 26 days. Both Coral and Balmoral would be subjected to regimental and battalion size attacks, the gun battery's would be firing over open sites with the gunners having to defend them selves from a determined and courageous enemy.
  It cost 1ATF 25 brave men dead in area of operations Surfers but they helped stop major attacks on Saigon . The first time all arms had been envoled  together in operation since World War Two (including Korea).
Lex McAulay as with his book on the battle of Long Tan use mostly interviews with those who were there from privates to Generals and all arms are given their say. The diggers like British toms have the irreverent sense of humour at just the right time and it shows in countless anecdotes . You never get lossed in the book or sidetracked and you don't have to be an expert on the Vietnam war or the first Australian Task force  to enjoy this book.
 I hope this review has been helpful I am sure they must have books out there on Amazon.
Regards Furphy.

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