Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Book Review

Hello all,
  I thought I would add another book review to the blog, again I have had this book a fair while but took it off the shelf to check some uniform details for my 28mm air landing brigade miniatures. So what book I here you ask.'GO TO IT' TheIllustrated History of the 6th Airbourne Division, written by Peter Harclerode 2000 . It follows the division from its formation on the 23rd April 1943 to the end of the war in Europe where it would be found in the Baltic . Inbetween it would see action in the Normandy landings (seizing the bridges across the Orne River and the Caen canal and silenced the guns of the Merville Battery. The division would carry on the advance to the River Seine and then helped in the defence of the battle of the bulge. It would take part in the crossing of the Rhine and then pushed on to the Baltic at the end of the war in Europe one of the parachute brigades would be sent to the Far East whilst the rest of the division wheat on to Palestine .
   The Division was commanded by Major General 'windy' Gale OBE , MC it had two parachute brigades and an air landing brigade (gliders) as well as all the usual support services. As the title suggests there are a lot of photographs they are large and of good quality (all black and white). The book covers early parachute and glider training withe great photos of loading Hamilcar and Horsa gliders . Of interest for terrain builders are photos of Pegasus Bridge and the surrounding buildings again the pictures of the air landing Jeeps (massively over loaded) are great. There are many pictures of the men on exercise and in the field while the photos are not in colour there are plenty of uniform details to get your teeth into.
To sum up this is a very well written book with many photos I had not seen before I have to say my own interest follows the South and North Staffordshire regiments so I am usually reading up on the 1st Airborne Division (2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment), but this book is great for all the close ups of the air landing brigade. If you looking for clear order of battle for the units involved and a potted history of some of the divisions key brigade and battalion commanders this should fit the bill.
   The author should be commended for giving us a book that makes a great first stop before going on to other unit diaries the men who served in the 6th Airborne Division will never be forgotten they were and are heroes one and all.
I hope you found this review helpful, I would give this book 10/10 . Many thanks for stopping by .
Regards Furphy.

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