Monday, 19 August 2013

28mm Warlord Games Companie de la marine finished at last !

Hi everyone,
i have finely finished my french Indian war French marines, if anyone out there ever reads this blog you know it was supposed to be a step by step tutorial. Well that was shelved next time i will have to put more thought into what i am going to post. So underneath the photographs i have put paint i have used (ok what i should have said is what i remember!).
 For my own humble skills they didn't come up to bad in the end but maybe if you enjoy a decent painted miniature then go to the Steve Dene Forum and take a look at the great work shown on there. As per normal they were painted with vallejo acrylic, i under coated with a car primer they then received two coats of revell matt varnish, the bases are plastic 20mm with a mixture of play pit sand, wood filler and pva. To finish Silfor grass and some army painter tufts.
  • Prussian dark blue with a little black.
  • Black red.
  • Khaki grey.
  • Buff/Khaki.
  • Shadow flesh.
  • Black grey.

These cover all the base colours for the red shirt and buckskin etc.
2nd colour
  • Prussian blue/intense blue.
  • Red(70926).
  • Khaki.
  • Buff/Iraqui sand.
  • Shadow flesh/Medium flesh.
  • London Grey.
3rd colour
  • Intense blue/Field blue.
  • Red/Orange red.
  • Khaki/buff.
  • Iraqui sand/ivory.
  • Medium flesh/Flat flesh.
  • London Grey/White grey.
4th colour
  • Field blue.
  • Scarlet.
  • Buff with a very small amount of Khaki.
  • Ivory with a small amount of Iraqui sand.
  • Flat flesh/basic flesh.
  • White grey/white.
Wood and other bits and pieces
The muskets were burnt cad red and German cammo brown, the other wood was leather brown. The metal was gun metal,oily steel and a touch of silver. Any brass also had a touch of polished gold the powder horns were Iraqui sand and ivory and all the straps were red leather or Khaki.
      I have to say it sounded great when i said i would do a tutorial but this has really gone down the pan so i apologise for the sub standard effort. Computers are really not my thing and this is all a big learning curve but in the words of the song 'things can only get better'.
As always stay safe and happy painting.
Regards Furphy.
The bloke in the white shirt isn't standing in a hole.

The leader by the look of his officers gorget round his neck the jacket would look better next to a darker background.

The sculpt of the face made this one a little harder to work on.

The sculpt offered some good poses

I didn't want the blue to dark so i went for the intense blue

it took several goes to get a buckskin look

The red came out nice in this one.


  1. Lovely work - not my era, but lovely stuff all the same!

    1. Cheers Mitch thanks for the kind words, my camara isnt to good but it at least hides my lack of painting skills. And thanks for signing up.
      Regards Furphy.