Thursday, 29 August 2013

28mm Perry Napoleonic in the raw

Hi all,
  i have just received my order of Perry Miniatures they are Napoleonics from the invasion of Russia 1812. I have two boxes of twelve figures which are dismounted cavalry on the retreat from Moscow and a box of three mounted cossacks for the same time.
  As always they arrive well packed they have the usual run off on the figures from the mould proses but that is always easily solved, one of the cossacks has a couple of pin holes but only a couple and until undercoating that seams to be the only one . There were no broken weapons so on the whole very happy with what came out of the box.
  I love the sculpts they are very dynamic with lots of movement in them they look half frozen already i think i may paint these sitting in the freezer to get into mind sett ! The winter retreat in Russia 1812 has always interested me you have the endurance of the Russian army and people in enduring the invasion and the fortitude of Napoleons army in the retreat (even if he did abandon them just like Egypt).
   I put auto adjust on so its not that clear but you feel like shouting 'THERE BEHIND YOU'
The wind whipping through them (i must get that window fixed!)
Very nice sculpt now if i can only do it justice.
So now to get down to cleaning them up i hoped this has been of some help to anybody considering a purchase.
Enjoy your painting folks.
Regards Furphy.

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