Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Whats the Furphy ?

Hi all i hope you are well and thanks for stopping by,
  i thought i would put up some pictures of some napoleonics that i have painted in the last couple of months. They are Front Rank Miniatures i have to say i always get great service from this company and they always come well packed. The figures themselves have very little flash and only a few mould lines they are more chunky than say Perry miniatures but that's what i love about them and now they have more reinforcement packs coming on line you can throw in a few more characters to a unit.
   The units were painted with a black undercoat primer then layers of vallejo acrylics and the odd wash and finally two coats of matt varnish (Revell) . They are based on 50mm Rendra plastic bases with tile grout, sand and pva and to top it off Silfor grass and army painter tufts.The colours are GMB design the eagle was made from a milk bottle top (after about six attempts, i asked you how hard could it be !)  
These were photographed at the same time as the paras on the last post so sorry for the rubbish close ups . It took an hour to get this good ! 
And these are Dutch line infantry the same number and based the same way . I usually paint napoleonics to sell but at some stage i would like to have a Dutch army post 1812 There deeds at Waterloo are at last being recognised.
Well as they say in the cartoons that's all folks keep safe and enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.

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