Monday, 29 July 2013

28mm Warlord games Companie de la Marine

Hi all,
today has been one of thoughs days that started poorly and then BOOM it got a heck of a lot better i wont go into the drama of this morning i know I'm loosing a few of you already ! Lets get to the good stuff, firstly i can now work my camera which means you lot don't have to look down a couple of empty pint glasses to see my miniatures and secondly Warlord games has sent me my order.
  All twelve miniatures, six companie de la marine and six world war two British airborne. The French i am painting to sell, the British are to go to my collection of the South Stafford's (glider troops) I thought i would put some pictures of them in the raw and as i progress i will put some more pictures showing undercoating etc.
  ok after the big build up not a great picture.



they got better in the end!
So my thoughts on the miniature, they remind me of Perry miniatures the faces are small they are slim and the crease in the clothes are not deep but i have to say i like them. I have the Osprey book Empires collide it is a good place to start for anybody who wants  to get into the French indian wars .You should read it, it would save you getting the other Osprey titles  They have some great illustrations of the Companie de la Marine in summer and winter.The miniatures have only a small amount of flash and mould lines and the muskets have travelled well with no bending or breaking.
So for now that's about it look after yourselves and as always enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.

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