Sunday, 30 June 2013

About Furphy

A Blog About Painting Historical Wargame Miniatures

Hi all im Furphy my passion is military history and i express this through painting metal miniatures (mostly 28mm). I hope to show some of my miniatures and maybe put up some tutorials and miniature and book reviews. I have been painting on and off for twenty years , more off than on really, many a gamer out there must have profited from one of furphy's scraped projects !
Like many new to blogging this is a work in progress so i apologies for the bad grammar and the layout of this blog.
  Here's some pictures of Warlord Games Bolt Action American paratroopers . I painted them as the 82nd airborne they were great to paint i used vallejo acrylic paints with some washes i wasn't sure whether to use the warlord transfers as they seemed a little big but i thought i would give them a go . The bases are Rendra i prefer them to mdf they are covered with tile grout, sand and pva then painted with acrylic paints . I use sylfor grass with army painter tufts and flowers.
I forgot to say the miniatures are metal, the one thing you have to look out for with warlord metals ranges is the metal is quit soft, i have never had to much flash
or mold lines but the weapons can break very easy . I use super glue gell to strengthen them this
 seems to do the trick.
A squad of the 82nd airborne painted for Sicily,Normandy and Holland but by the look of the background it should be the Bulge (note to self must display with some terrain !)
 A para loading an M1 Garrant with a cloth bandoleer and a first field dressing on his helmet.

The same squad ,sorry for the quality of the pictures but that's about the best i can get out of the camera.
At some stage these will be for sale to pay for my south staffords glider infantry (another work in progress). Well this was my first post and you all know where to come if you are having trouble sleeping! Enjoy your painting everyone.
Regards Furphy.