Monday, 9 December 2013

More Union Infantry

Hello all,
  I finished some Perry Miniatures plastic union infantry i had planed to put three or four pictures up but the camera packed up after one so i am afraid that's all you get for now (i know not to much of a good thing !).
I have to say i wasn't that impressed with the quality with these miniatures . I thought the details around the rifle and also the bread bag and canteen very soft some of the faces looked rushed with no ear detail and a pinched look (i know a better painter could get more out of them ). Not all have bad face detail but the others are bad enough to drag you down when you are painting them.
  I have planed to get another box because they are cast in two poses, marching and skirmishing . so i am going to build two larger units one marching the other a firing line. I have tacked on the colours that come with them just for the photos they will be replaced when the units are complete. The poles for the colours i would still like to see longer even if they were that size in real life . The Zaouves i have already painted up were much better quality, so what would i rate these ? i would have to say five out of ten . Perry Miniatures make some great miniatures but these look rushed to me.
   Well that's it for now i am off to throw a camera at the wall good luck with your projects .
Regards Furphy. 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Empress Miniatures 28mm New Zealand wars

Hello everyone,
  i have just received these Empress Miniatures figures they represent settlers and militia for the New Zealand wars this range i believe cover the Flag staff wars 1843-47 this war was between the British and the Maori . It is called the Flagstaff war because the Maori under chief Hone Heke cut down the flag staff flying the union flag on a number of occasions, the Maori also attacked the settlement of Kororareka driving the settlers onto ships in the bay, they then sacked the town.
You could also use these figures for the later wars of the 1860's although the British uniforms would not be accurate for that period. Most of the actions were fought in small scale compared to other British colonial wars. the Maori were experts in ambush and their fortified Pa's were very well constructed most of the time they only withdrew from them either through lack of supplies or the British driving saps towards the walls of the Pa . As always the osprey books are a good start for what was worn by both sides they also do a book on Maori fortifications, there are also a lot of on line content to study (sadly a much overlooked period).
   I wanted to post these photographs because i thought the miniatures were some of the best i had seen they are sculpted by Paul Hicks in my opinion the best there is .there was No flash and very little mold lines nothing was broken and they arrived after a few days . I have herd people say Empress Miniatures are expensive but for me their miniatures scream quality my only gripe would be i would have preferred them delivered in a box rather than bubble rap but as the metal is not soft that wasn't a problem. So on the Furphy scale i would give these 10 out of 10 dead chuffed now you watch me wreck some great sculpts with one of my paint jobs !
Keep safe until you pop in again for more thrilling tales from the painting desk of Furphy.
   Regards Furphy.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The 5th New York Volunteer Infantry American Civil War

Well its over, its finished !
  at long last my Zouaves are complete i have done better but i have to say i can do no more. Its been one of those projects that's ran way over time. These as i have said before are Perry Miniatures plastics . They came in two poses , charging and right shoulder shift i went for the latter. They were provided with their own plastic bases and two colours (flags) i have use colours from Flags of War its the first time i have used them and i was very impressed with the product, service and packing . I was not so impressed with the poles to mount them on ( they were to short) . I should have said that's down to Perry .
I have always said I'm not a big fan of plastics but these in my opinion are good . There are mold lines down the sides but most can be removed with a sharp knife . i thought the faces had good detail and they came with two heads (turban around fez or just fez) mine have mostly plain fez hats for use in the field with the colour party wearing turbans, my choise for a touch of variety. The different parts came together well, i used gel supper glue .
    Theres plenty of reference material on the web i got a lot from a reenactment group in New York,the box has some reference art but i find reenactment groups of different periods good to get a general idea of uniforms if you cant afford osprey books etc.
I am also working on some Perry plastic ACW infantry on and off these i have a very dim view of but that's another tale for another day. So out of ten Furphy gives these Zouaves an 8,

 would i paint up another box not for a long while unless its a commission !
Good luck with your projects and enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.

Saturday, 9 November 2013

American Civil War Union Infantry

Hi all,
 yes its been a slow blog the last couple of months the Zouaves have been stuttering along i still have twelve to varnish with another six to finish painting . And then theres the basing the civil war will be over before the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry takes to the field . But i have a couple of casualtie figures to show you these a Perry Miniatures and they are metal i think my other union infantry will have to have more sky blue in the trousers . But i didn't want them looking to neon, when you have dark blue uniforms it can often be a pain to get the correct high lite on the creases etc . To dark and they don't show up on the table and to light and you have a completely different blue so i use Prussian dark blue with black in,  then Prussian dark blue, then Prussian dark blue and then Prussian blue and the final high lites are Luftwaffe blue with sometimes a little green blue.
  And now we get back to the trousers because of the tone down jackets the sky blue trousers hurt my eyes when i trialed the paint so i have used more muted blues mostly all the above colours (from Prussian blue onwards) , as always the paint is Vallejo.
So bellow are some pictures of the above, i have a box of perry plastic American Civil War to paint i had thought i could make them up as one pose but you cant so i will have to get another box to make one marching and one firing line . so you would think i could get the trouser colour right by the end.
   Anyway i hope you are enjoying your projects and they are going a little quicker than mine and as we enjoy are hobby please as it will soon be Remembrance Day in the UK spare a thought for the the armed services of your countries past and present who have fallen doing their duty may they rest in peace.
  Regards Furphy.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

28mm Zouaves

Hi all,
  sorry for the time its taken to get a post up, that's the way it is with painting miniatures some weeks theres nothing to show and then a number of projects come together at the same time. Or in the case of the American civil war Zouaves stretch off into infinity . I thought i had better show you something rather than nothing.
  So here are some that are painted and varnished but not based . I have done the colour party in turbans (still one to start) i have based them on the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. I have left out the drummer as they would be recovering wounded behind the firing line the colour bearers would be normally NCO's leaving the officers to command the company's .
I will not be using the colours in the box as i am always a big fan of GMB designs range of colours . hopefully i will have finished the box by next week, but with these i am painting in between other commitments. When i have completed the unit i will give a list of colours for anyone interested. I hope to put a union brigade together as time goes on .
    Well back to the painting desk ,bellow are a few photos taken with my usual professional camera skills . Enjoy your painting everyone !
   Regards Furphy.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm plastic Zouaves

Hi all ,
 this is one of those posts that will probably be of little interest to most as it does not show any painted figures. But i thought i would put up a couple of pictures showing some Perry Miniatures plastic Zouaves in 28mm. I have to say i don't do a lot of plastic i have done the odd commission but i have to say i do love my metal. But i thought what the heck i wanted to do some American Civil War so try some plastic.
I have put a couple of test figures together they went ok until i tried one of the colour Sargent's and no matter how i tried i could not get the arms to fit i have been using super glue gel as its good for covering joins i found it was also good for sticking my fingers to my tweezers and snipers and, well you get the picture. Then went for the green stuff only to remember i used the last up a week ago on a rather wonky Cromwell tank, so what was left of my white Milliput came to the rescue.
   I will be painting the unit to represent the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. They made a stand at the Second Manassas  losing some322 men of 525 engaged but saved the colours. I will keep you updated as i progress only another 38 to put together !
Now how do i get my fingers to unstick from this keyboard  ?
    Regards Furphy.


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm Russian Cossacks

Hi all,
thanks for stopping by i thought i would put some pictures up of Perry Miniatures retreat from Moscow 1812 range Russian Cossacks. I relay like the poses they painted up quit well i thought i would paint them clean with no winter washes on them , i think for the table top i prefer clean looking figures if i were doing a diorama i would have applied washes to give a colder impression.
 These and the dismounted cavalry of the same range will be up for sale if any one wants to make me an offer. I still have eight dismounted cavalry to finish they are almost complete .

 All that's left to do is paint the base edges and varnish the edge to stop the paint rubbing. Well this has been a short post (of which you can all be thankful !) but be warned there will be a book revue on the way. Stay safe and enjoy your painting.
Regards Furphy.

Monday, 16 September 2013

Perry Miniatures 28mm retreat from Russia 1812

Hi all,
 its been a while since my last post i have now painted the cossacks but unfortunately i have ran out of cavalry bases but i have sent an order to Perry Miniatures so ordered some assorted plastic bases at the same time.However at least i still had some extra 20mm single bases knocking around so i have painted and based four of the dismounted cavalry.
  I decided to paint them in a variety of looted clothing, some are wearing sheepskin so i painted those in different colours some i have added the odd Russian greatcoat. on these ones i decided to leave off a white wash and to keep them fairly clean looking.The bases i have left fairly sparse with a couple of winter clumps for effect.
 The 11th Hussars in my version of indigo blue with a civilian shirt on underneath.

 A cuirassier with looted Russian greatcoat underneath his cape.

 Another 11th hussar in sheepskin.

 A Caribinier  with sheepskin under his cape.

 A group shot.

I will put the cossacks up later on in the week once they are based, these will be up for sale along with the above and eight others that are moving along the production line. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
   Regards Furphy.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

28mm Perry Napoleonic in the raw

Hi all,
  i have just received my order of Perry Miniatures they are Napoleonics from the invasion of Russia 1812. I have two boxes of twelve figures which are dismounted cavalry on the retreat from Moscow and a box of three mounted cossacks for the same time.
  As always they arrive well packed they have the usual run off on the figures from the mould proses but that is always easily solved, one of the cossacks has a couple of pin holes but only a couple and until undercoating that seams to be the only one . There were no broken weapons so on the whole very happy with what came out of the box.
  I love the sculpts they are very dynamic with lots of movement in them they look half frozen already i think i may paint these sitting in the freezer to get into mind sett ! The winter retreat in Russia 1812 has always interested me you have the endurance of the Russian army and people in enduring the invasion and the fortitude of Napoleons army in the retreat (even if he did abandon them just like Egypt).
   I put auto adjust on so its not that clear but you feel like shouting 'THERE BEHIND YOU'
The wind whipping through them (i must get that window fixed!)
Very nice sculpt now if i can only do it justice.
So now to get down to cleaning them up i hoped this has been of some help to anybody considering a purchase.
Enjoy your painting folks.
Regards Furphy.

Monday, 19 August 2013

28mm Warlord Games Companie de la marine finished at last !

Hi everyone,
i have finely finished my french Indian war French marines, if anyone out there ever reads this blog you know it was supposed to be a step by step tutorial. Well that was shelved next time i will have to put more thought into what i am going to post. So underneath the photographs i have put paint i have used (ok what i should have said is what i remember!).
 For my own humble skills they didn't come up to bad in the end but maybe if you enjoy a decent painted miniature then go to the Steve Dene Forum and take a look at the great work shown on there. As per normal they were painted with vallejo acrylic, i under coated with a car primer they then received two coats of revell matt varnish, the bases are plastic 20mm with a mixture of play pit sand, wood filler and pva. To finish Silfor grass and some army painter tufts.
  • Prussian dark blue with a little black.
  • Black red.
  • Khaki grey.
  • Buff/Khaki.
  • Shadow flesh.
  • Black grey.

These cover all the base colours for the red shirt and buckskin etc.
2nd colour
  • Prussian blue/intense blue.
  • Red(70926).
  • Khaki.
  • Buff/Iraqui sand.
  • Shadow flesh/Medium flesh.
  • London Grey.
3rd colour
  • Intense blue/Field blue.
  • Red/Orange red.
  • Khaki/buff.
  • Iraqui sand/ivory.
  • Medium flesh/Flat flesh.
  • London Grey/White grey.
4th colour
  • Field blue.
  • Scarlet.
  • Buff with a very small amount of Khaki.
  • Ivory with a small amount of Iraqui sand.
  • Flat flesh/basic flesh.
  • White grey/white.
Wood and other bits and pieces
The muskets were burnt cad red and German cammo brown, the other wood was leather brown. The metal was gun metal,oily steel and a touch of silver. Any brass also had a touch of polished gold the powder horns were Iraqui sand and ivory and all the straps were red leather or Khaki.
      I have to say it sounded great when i said i would do a tutorial but this has really gone down the pan so i apologise for the sub standard effort. Computers are really not my thing and this is all a big learning curve but in the words of the song 'things can only get better'.
As always stay safe and happy painting.
Regards Furphy.
The bloke in the white shirt isn't standing in a hole.

The leader by the look of his officers gorget round his neck the jacket would look better next to a darker background.

The sculpt of the face made this one a little harder to work on.

The sculpt offered some good poses

I didn't want the blue to dark so i went for the intense blue

it took several goes to get a buckskin look

The red came out nice in this one.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Book Review

Hello all,
  I thought I would add another book review to the blog, again I have had this book a fair while but took it off the shelf to check some uniform details for my 28mm air landing brigade miniatures. So what book I here you ask.'GO TO IT' TheIllustrated History of the 6th Airbourne Division, written by Peter Harclerode 2000 . It follows the division from its formation on the 23rd April 1943 to the end of the war in Europe where it would be found in the Baltic . Inbetween it would see action in the Normandy landings (seizing the bridges across the Orne River and the Caen canal and silenced the guns of the Merville Battery. The division would carry on the advance to the River Seine and then helped in the defence of the battle of the bulge. It would take part in the crossing of the Rhine and then pushed on to the Baltic at the end of the war in Europe one of the parachute brigades would be sent to the Far East whilst the rest of the division wheat on to Palestine .
   The Division was commanded by Major General 'windy' Gale OBE , MC it had two parachute brigades and an air landing brigade (gliders) as well as all the usual support services. As the title suggests there are a lot of photographs they are large and of good quality (all black and white). The book covers early parachute and glider training withe great photos of loading Hamilcar and Horsa gliders . Of interest for terrain builders are photos of Pegasus Bridge and the surrounding buildings again the pictures of the air landing Jeeps (massively over loaded) are great. There are many pictures of the men on exercise and in the field while the photos are not in colour there are plenty of uniform details to get your teeth into.
To sum up this is a very well written book with many photos I had not seen before I have to say my own interest follows the South and North Staffordshire regiments so I am usually reading up on the 1st Airborne Division (2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment), but this book is great for all the close ups of the air landing brigade. If you looking for clear order of battle for the units involved and a potted history of some of the divisions key brigade and battalion commanders this should fit the bill.
   The author should be commended for giving us a book that makes a great first stop before going on to other unit diaries the men who served in the 6th Airborne Division will never be forgotten they were and are heroes one and all.
I hope you found this review helpful, I would give this book 10/10 . Many thanks for stopping by .
Regards Furphy.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Vietnam War ANZAC Infantry

Hello everyone,
 i hope you are well today i thought i would put up some pictures of some Vietnam era ANZACS they haven't been based or varnished yet. The miniatures are from The Assault Group they are 28mm and well proportioned, i like the poses .i have another twelve to paint which i will do off and on when i have the time.
Things i liked about the sculpts:
  • Action poses.
  • Mixture of webbing (they used two different UK based webbing and any thing usefull off the Americans).
  • The bandoleer for the M60 machin gun ammo belts (the brown looking bedroll).
  • Very little mold lines or flash .
Things i didn't like about the sculpts:
  • The faces could do with a bit more character (my painting style needs all the help it can get !).
  • I would have liked to see the flash suppressor on the ends of the SLR.
  • There were what i call pin holes on most the sculpts.
Overall i would give the sculpts seven out of ten.
I have tried to show the miniatures in an in the field look, with the webbing showing an accumulation of dirt after many months slogging through the bush.

The lighter coloured webbing i think was 48 pattern this was a buff or light sand colour it was often mixed with 58 pattern and some American pouches and canteens. I will have to go back and edit the early webbing when i find out the correct date.

The SLR was the early pattern wooden stock version they came in a triangular and oval stock. The SLR would have been my weapon of choose yes it was heaver than the M16 and so was the ammunition but when you are hit by a 7.62 mm round you don't often get up . I have used the SLR and the Rifle 5.62 (SA80) (never in anger) . It might sound a bit morbid but look up Commander Rick Jolly Red and Green Life Machine book, he was a surgeon in the Falklands war and take a look at the wounds caused by 7.62mm ammunition . Its a sobering and thought provoking book.

I always think working on jungle greens is hard by their very nature the clothes and the webbing are supposed to blend in so its hard to bring out features without over black lining (that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it !)
And just to finish off here's some Warlord Games Bolt Action British Airborne straight out of the blister i will let you find the miniature with the pouch the wrong way round . These are the assault party, rifles, stens and a flame thrower.
I will show more of these at a later date, but for now that's all folks enjoy your day . Just remember no matter how bad your day gets theres always painting and gaming.

Regards Furphy.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Hows the tutorial going ?

just thought i would put a couple of pictures up of my french Indian wars figures. You know when you look forward to painting a set of miniatures and then after an hour or more the enthusiasm wheres off, well this has been one of those projects. It wasn't until is started the base colours i noticed how many pin holes were in some of the sculpts. Then i was going to do a warm white which turned the colour of warm beer i have also tried to vary the colour of the buckskin (how many times i have lost count).
  It shows when i need a break from certain figures because i throw others into the mix.Hence why i have four Australian infantry in Vietnam (jungle greens what can go wrong ?) in the que. So here's a couple of pictures for you to have a good laugh at, as for the rest of the tutorial when i finish these in the next few days i will add the colours i have used.
Well i hope your having better luck with your miniatures and gaming than me, until next time.
    Regards Furphy.