Saturday, 25 March 2017

HMS Ripon 1/1200 Langton

Hi all,
at last I have finished HMS Ripon she is 74 gun third rate built in 1812 one of the forty thieves class she's been on the stocks for ages but now ready to join the fleet I will probably start a French on in a week or so . Thanks for stopping by and taking a look .
Regards Gav .

Monday, 13 March 2017

Battlescale 10mm Resin Buildings And League Of Augsburg 10mm

Hi all,
I bought some solid resin buildings from a new company called Battlescale they are based here in the UK but will ship world wide . I have added a new 10mm Danish foot regiment for scale they are based on 2mm thick mdf . I intend to base the buildings at some point but as always its as and when .
  The regiment is the Oldenburg Regiment of foot again no need for a pike block, next regiment under the brush is Derings in a nice electric blue you may need sun glasses for that one .
All the best until next time .
Regards Gav .

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

French Napoleonic Commission Work (ab 15mm/18mm)

Here's some more commission work a mix bag of generals, adc and supply officers and a lone chasseur a cheval of the guard . Until next time..........
Regards Gav .

Friday, 24 February 2017

League Of Augsburg in 10mm (7)

Here's some more League of Augsburg,
this is a Danish horse regiment Von Donops and with it a 12pdr gun in a siege position I wanted to show a position that had been thrown up quickly overnight the 12pdr is not enough to bring down a wall but could be used to fend off a attack by the defending garrison. The crew are English one bringing up powder is from an infantry regiment used for labour .
Any way thanks for stopping by I will be posting some ab naps and more League of Augsburg soon .
  Regards Gav .

Sunday, 12 February 2017

League Of Augsburg In 10mm (6)

Hi all,
I finished another foot regiment for my Williamite army for the League of Augsburg these are Danish foot guards I followed the colour plates that warfare miniatures produce and went with the straw coloured jackets although some sources say orange .  I said to my self they know what they are talking about so that's my colour choice .  They didn't show the officers so I took a look on there League of Augsburg blog and there figures show the officers in reversed colours so again that's good enough for me . 
  There is no pike with this unit the Danes and Dutch had given p and moved to the flint lock and plug bayonet by this point . So that's it for now until next time........
Regards Gav .   

Thursday, 26 January 2017

AB French Napoleonic Commission Work

Hi all,
here's some more on a commission I am working on there French most of this commission are single figures as in these pictures . Dutch Lancer, Polish Lancer, Chasseur a cheval of the guard, Grenadier a cheval of the guard and a guard foot artillery officer . The client is basing them himself so they are on bottle tops . There's a fare amount left to paint yet so more to show.........
  Regards Gav .

Thursday, 19 January 2017

League Of Augsburg in 10mm (5)

Hello all,
This is another regiment for my Williamite army this time it's Villiers dragoon regiment . Because they are Dragoons I wanted to show the horses different colours these regiments were often at the back of the queue for horse flesh . The horse blankets I painted white trim I could find no evidence for this it just felt right it was the same for the blanket roll . The regiment colour is paper painted I have used pendraken miniatures printed colours but they didn't have this one . So how hard could it be a simple white flag with gold trim .
  So that's my first mounted unit I am now waiting on more foot so it may be a couple of weeks before you see more . All the best.........
Regards Gav .