Sunday, 3 February 2019

28mm Napoleonic Italian Line Infantry

Hello again ,
I painted these last year but its taken until now to photograph them properly before they go up for sale .They are Napoleonic Italian Line Infantry of the 1st regiment the figures are Front Rank Miniatures and the colour is GMB. Thanks for looking.
Regards Gav.

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game...... Mad-Eye Moody

Hi all,
here's Mad Eye Moody from Knight Models another great sculpt and pose and lots of fun to paint . Thanks for taking a look until next time...…..
Regards Gav.

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game.... Sirius Black

Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game....... Sirius Black

Hello all,
here's the first figure for my own collection it is of course Sirius Black from the order of the phoenix blister . Thanks for taking a look if you would like to commission me to paint your Harry Potter figures contact me any time .
Regards Gav.